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We are still looking for a Maintenance Technician trainee

We are hiring: Maintenance Technician Trainee

Responsibilities (will be trained on the following):

·         Complete work and repair orders in a timely fashion.

·         Perform electrical repairs in plant (replace light bulbs and indicator lights; repair/replace faulty electrical outlets and switches, etc.).

·         Perform plumbing repairs in plant (replace/repair leaky faucets and valves; repair toilets and unclog drains, etc.).

·         Perform mechanical repairs and refurbishment (door locks, hinges, and closers; material handling carts; safety marking, labeling and signage; painting and anti-corrosion treatment; pumps, motors, valves, etc.).

·         Perform roof equipment maintenance (replace worn belts and dirty filters on make-up air and exhaust systems; repair/refurbish as required to correct deterioration and damage due to weather, including carpentry   repairs and painting).

·         Perform and document routine preventive maintenance.

·         Perform and document weekly, monthly and annual facility inspections per prescribed company schedules.

·         Oversee work performed by outside contractors as necessary.

·         Clean and maintain equipment, instruments, tools, and work area.


·         The successful candidate will have a strong Electrical background, as well as HVAC and Plumbing experience.

·         Experience in the metal finishing industry a plus.

·         Familiarity with maintenance tools and equipment.

·         Ability to handle physical workload.


    Please contact Al Becker (408) 727-9315 x230 for more information.

  • Metal Finishing for San Jose, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and beyond.

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